With news articles talking about genetically modified crops and documentaries exposing the factory farming industry in the UK, more and more people are turning to locally, organically grown produce in order to boost their health and quell their ever growing conscience. No longer perceived as a lifestyle choice, using local Farmers Markets is now a way of life for those of us who are environmentally and socially aware. Large corporations using irresponsible farming methods have taken over the mainstream UK food industry but, luckily, us shoppers are now voting with our feet, visiting local Farmers Markets in order to buy fresh, organic, locally grown produce. But exactly how does shopping at a local Farmers Market benefit the environment, the shopper and the local economy?

Well, aside from the documented health benefits linked with eating nutrient rich seasonal fruit and vegetables, produce purchased through your local Farmers Market is also completely free from damaging pesticides. Organically reared meat and dairy products are also free from harmful antibiotics and genetic modification, giving us shopper’s access to real food produced by real, honest farmers. The proof, however, is in the eating and all produce supplied through your local Farmers Market is guaranteed to be of outstanding quality. The difference between a free range, organically reared chicken and a factory farmed animal pumped with antibiotics is vast and shoppers can expect to feel a boost in vitality within days of eating organic, pesticide free, responsibly reared foods.

We all want to raise our families in a world that is both healthy and happy. Supporting your local Farmers Market is one step towards this as proceeds go directly to the vendor. You aren’t paying for advertising or packaging and you aren’t giving your hard earned money to companies that endorse pollution causing factory farming methods – your money is supporting your local community in the most direct way possible. By shopping for local, sustainable, organically farmed products, you are helping to ensure a brighter, healthier future for you, your children and your grandchildren.

We at Second Skin Events are immensely proud to be involved with arranging local Farmers Markets. We actively encourage everyone to support their local economy by visiting these superb events. Why not come to one of our forthcoming markets and have a chat with local stallholders and farmers? Discover a lively community full of environmentally and socially conscious people whilst sampling the stunning array of fresh, seasonal produce on offer. Alternatively, if you have any questions or simply wish to become a reputable vendor, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We want everyone to feel as passionate about health, well-being and local communities as we do.