Corporate Clients

Over 15 years experience in the corporate sector has allowed us to perfect the skills required to produce effective events that deliver your key corporate messages and are long remembered after the event.

Our services include, Events, Team Building Exercises and Market Research.

Corporate Events

We work closely with our clients to create a detailed brief that will compliment any business growth model, enabling us to create unique events and experiences every time that make a real impact.

Each complimenting business ethics and ensuring all key messages are delivered.

Here are the top 5 reasons for hosting an event:

1. Retention

  • Thanking your top clientele is a must to build rapport and sustain long and healthy business relationships. Taking care of your existing client base is less costly than chasing new clients.
  • Thanking your high performing staff, showing your appreciation can go a long way with staff loyalty.

Retention gifts

2. Lead Generation

  • Making people aware of a new or existing product
  • Data collation for marketing purposes

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Our market leading software allows you to send vouchers and promotional material straight to the mobiles of your prospective clients, maximising your reach at roadshows and other events tenfold. This  data capturing, interactive system has so many more capabilities, leaving a lasting impression with your clients has never been so easy.

3. Educate an Audience

Educating your audience is a none threatening way to get a message across and can create long-term mutually beneficial relationships.
Winter Wedding Show 2012

4. Convey a Brand Message

  • An event is a great way to reinforce or create a brand message. Every brands key objective is to be noticed, and behind every great brand is a fundamental core brand message. What is yours?

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Some examples :

  • B2B – Host a conference, show you are leaders in your industry.
  • Lifestyle – Launch parties & grand openings are very successful in promoting brand awareness.

5. Promotion Strategies (Increase sales & New Clients)

  •  Sampling new or existing products is a great way to boost sales, by allowing customers to get hands-on experience with the product before committing to buy. It also helps generate product awareness.

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  • In store customer appreciation events – Free refreshments and door prizes will draw people into the store.
  • Contests are frequently used as a promotional strategy. Putting your brand and your logo in front of the public eye.

Team Building

We deliver unique team building exercises that will develop performance in the work place. Taking your team management skills to the next level by ensuring your roles are filled by the right individuals.

Establish who your natural leaders are, see for yourself who works well under pressure.

An example of a popular exercise:

Create a Chocolate brand

Decide on your target audience

Make your chocolates

Design your packaging

Deliver your Pitch/Make your advert