Popup Wool Show

We have seen a tremendous rise in the knitting community over the past few years, with more and more tutorials readily available online that make it easily accessible for everyone to turn strings into much coveted accessories for both home and fashion.

With access to sites like Ravelry, and new facebook groups popping up all the time knitting can be enjoyed both socially, or solitary. Social groups can even help you settle quickly into a new neighbourhood!

Studies have shown many significant health benefits that are linked to knitting and other forms of needlework. The rhythmic and repetitive actions can help prevent and manage stress, pain and depression. Creating a relaxed state of mind, which can decrease heart rate, blood pressure, and help prevent illness. All of this goes a long way to strengthen the bodies immune system, as well as providing you with those ‘feel good’ hormones.

What better event could we possibly bring to the community other than  The Popup Wool ShowYou will find lots of great projects to get involved with on the website.

Popup Wool Show is currently held annually and takes place on the 3rd Saturday every August.

Popup Wool ShowExhibitor enquires please contact info@popupwoolshow.co.uk