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Advice on the perfect face care – do expensive creams really work? The Fabulous John Parker of John Parker Aesthetics

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John Parker is one of the UK’s Leading none surgical practitioners, we go inside to see what makes him so fabulous…



I first became a registered and qualified Nurse in 2002, quickly developing a range of specialised nursing skills and gaining a wealth of experience in the art of patient care. Since my initial registration, I have worked in both the NHS (Royal Liverpool & Broadgreen NHST, Wirral NHST & Alder Hey Children’s Hospital) and private sector clinics both in the UK (Senior Non Surgical Practitioner for MySpa Cheshire & Liverpool, Serenity Beauty Lounge Merseyside) and abroad.
It was in these formative years I worked in a plethora of nursing environments including Accident & Emergency, Orthopaedic, and Surgical & Medical.
This extensive and varied experience has provided me with the bedrock of my professional skills that today make me one of the UK’s leading practitioners in the area of Non Surgical Aesthetics.
It was in 2006 that I decided to commit fully to my passion of Non Surgical Aesthetic procedures. I began intensive training at various leading training providers on the world renowned Harley St in London, England.
From that day I have followed a path of continuous improvement of these skills regularly embarking upon the learning and mastering of rejuvenation treatments.
Nearly 4 years on and thousands of happy customers across the UK and Europe I pride myself on my dedication, trustworthiness and desire to keep providing treatment of the very highest standard to you. I understand the anxieties and apprehensions that people may face when contemplating these procedures. What I offer is the empathy, time and proven track record to help you reach an informed decision and enable my patients to: ‘Realise the Beauty With In’
It is for these reasons that I continue to do what I do day after day with the perfect blend of passion and Professionalism.

So tell us John ….

How long have you been doing Aesthetic procedures for?  About 7 years now
What was it that made you choose this profession?  After working in A&E for 10 years, I wanted to do something different. Something that would excite me again. I have always been a people person, and have always enjoyed helping people in my profession.  Aesthetics enables me to change peoples lives.
What do you love most about your job?  Being able to change peoples lives. The way they look and feel about themselves.
What advise would you give anyone looking at having Aesthetic procedures done for the first time?  Go to someone who has been recommended to them, and do your research.
What key things would you advise they research?   Qualifications,  Experience, Length of time practising and recommendations.
What makes John Parker Aesthetics stand out from other practitioners?  I would say its a simple case that this is my only job. Botox, Peels and Fillers I do these daily. You become an expert.
Where do you hold clinics?   Liverpool currently has 4 clinics , we have 2 in Blackpool, 2 in Preston, 1 in London, 1 in Manchester and 2 in Bolton. We also provide a quarterly clinic in Marbella.
What Skincare routine would you recommend to give a nice healthy glow, and do those expensive creams really work?  I would recommend a daily routine of washing with fresh water, ex-foliating and moisturising with a none oil based cream, and always use a sunblock. The Cream I would recommend is Nivea!
What are your most popular procedures? – Peels , Botox and Fillers are our most popular.
What is the latest breakthrough in new procedures? The Vampire Facelift, Its an injection of  platelet rich plasma into tired areas or into scars and stretch marks to rejuvenate the area. With Vampire, its your own body that is repairing you with nothing synthetic being added.
What is it in your opinion that keeps your clients coming back again and again?  I listen to there needs and provide the correct treatments, ,and they get the right results.
Stephanie Hughes
Author: Stephanie Hughes

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